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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

The all-in-one solution of websites and online marketing for churches, ministries, and Christian businesses.

The best website and marketing platform for churches, ministries, and Christian businesses.

The NetMinistry Web Presence Platform is the the most comprehensive web presence and marketing management platform for churches, ministries, and Christian businesses in the world. Since 2001, we've been serving the Christian community with our platform, providing a suite of content management, relationship management, and e-commerce management tools for a fraction of the price of our competitors but with more features than any of them. With NetMinistry, your mission moves forward faster.

Plans & Pricing

Included in our #1 Website & Marketing Platform for churches, ministries, and Christian businesses

NetMinistry Web Presence Platform is an online suite of website, people, and money management tools that are fully supported by a team of experts in the dynamics of churches, ministries, and Christian businesses. It's affordable for any size organization or business, powerful enough for growth, and streamlined to help you spend less time on your website and more time reaching the lost.
It's everything you need to generate sales and grow your organization.

Manage Your Account

We created an app just for managing your account information, billing, users, and services. Simple and easy management - that was the goal.

Manage Your Blogs

Create and manage unlimited blogs, blog articles, and visitor comments from one interface. Content rotation and social sharing built-in.

Control Your Design

Easy access to the geek stuff - hosting information, template HTML and CSS, web stats, color settings, website defaults, and more.

Create Community

Start and maintain your own social network with groups, conversations, directories, and interaction. This is built right into your website with us.

Manage Your Content

Powerful controls for web page content, site structure and navigation, and external widgets. WYSIWYG editing, so not need for HTML skills.

Manage Domain Names

Register and manage your domain names and DNS entries through one simple tool. Automatic renewal of your domains so you never lose them.

Manage Donations & Sales

Complete online store and invoicing system with support for multiple stores, discount codes, unlimited inventory, and so much more!

Manage Your E-mail

Access to e-mail forwarding, POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts, mailing lists, and domain aliases. Users accounts also get webmail for access from anywhere.

Manage Your Events

Complete event scheduling and registration with built-in volunteer management, support for paid/free registrations, and web-based event check-in!

Manage Online Courses

Our complete e-learning environment for running online schools and courses. Unlimited courses with unlimited units and online exams!

Manage Your Media

File uploads and online storage with flexible storage options, media feeds and podcasting, live streaming, fading billboards, and photo albums.

Manage Ministry Activity

Manage the way your organization helps people. Benevolence management and tracking, prayer requests, resource exchanges, branded Bibles, and more.

Manage Organizational Data

Manage your organization data - committees, boards, staff members, and locations - for use in other apps and future collaboration apps.

Manage Your Relationships

Our powerful CRM. Control all of your people data within one app. Search, export, and group. Send mass e-mail, text, and even voice messages!

Manage Links Resources

Manage the listing of resources available to the public through your website, such as recommended links and other types of helpful resources.

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