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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

A Comprehensive CRM Solution for Customer Relationship Management and Communication

Manage all of your customers, donors, and relationships through our feature-packed CRM solution.

We've added all the bells and whistles you need to maintain one database with multiple views and the ability to communicate via e-mail, text messaging, and even voice!

  • People Search: Search your database by dozens of criteria, including custom categories, subscriptions, organizational data, and more.
  • Saved Searches: Access saved searches to speed up searching your database, export data, publish directories, and modify existing searches.
  • Communication: Schedule and send communication campaigns. Add HTML, text, SMS/text messages, and MP3 voice messages for power-packed campaigns!
  • Groups: Structure groups in order to classify your people data into group participants.
  • Categories: Create custom categories for segmenting your people data into logical groupings.
  • Memberships: Create memberships and subscriptions for controlling access to your website as well as setting up autoresponder sequences.
  • Custom Fields: Add additional custom fields for your organization's use.
  • Data Import: Upload CSV files and add new profiles to your CRM, or simply send updates with e-mail addresses matching existing entries.

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Complete Feature List of our Relationship Management Tools

Experience the power of having all of your clients, customers, donors, members, partners, and other relationships with one, easy-to-access database with built-in mass communication capability and full-featured relationship management tools.

  • One Database: Consolidate all of your spreadsheets and databases into database with categorization and segmentation.
  • Multiple Entry Methods: Add new relationships manually, through our import feature, or through the website.
  • Syncronized Across Platform: All applications that require registration and collect data syncronize with the Relationship Manager.
  • Easily Search People Data: Just choose the search criteria and click SEARCH. Save your searches or export the results at any time.
  • Use Saved Searches: Once you save a search, it can be used for exporting, publishing directories, sending mass comunication, and more.
  • Send Mass Communication: Add HTML, text, SMS, and voicemail (via MP3 upload) and click send to start a mass notification campaign.
  • Group Structure: Multilevel group structure for setting up tiered groups and enabling custom searches.
  • Memberships/Subscriptions: Controls website access restrictions, e-mail subscriptions, and drip marketing through memberships.
  • Autoresponder Chains: Set up a chain of autoresponders to be sent from the date a subscription to a membership is created.
  • Gather Custom Information: Add additional data fields to capture additional data in each relationship profile.
  • Upload, Set, and Import: CSV files can be uploaded to the system, mapped to our fields, and imported within minutes.
  • Person Profiles: We gather dozens of information fields per relationship including contact, access, and personal information.
  • Profile Photos: Upload and manage profile photos for individual relationship profiles
  • Biographical Info: Add text and HTML-based biographical information for individual relationship profiles.
  • Organizational Positions: Indicate inclusion and role in the organizational structure of your company or non-profit.
  • Profile Categorization: One-click inclusion and removal from categories.
  • Group Participation: One-click inclusion and removal from groups.
  • Membership Subscriptions: Easily add and remove individual profile subscriptions from memberships.
  • Conversations: Track and participate in tracked conversations with individual relationship profiles through your own branded messaging system.
  • Accounting: Access invoices, recurring billing, and payment information for profiles.
  • Recurring Billing: Setup and manage recurring billing plans for individual profiles.
  • Notes: Store unlimited note entries per relationship profile.
  • Projects: Setup projects and tasks with assignments to system users.
  • Student Records: Manage Learning Manager student records within a relationship profile.

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