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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

Complete Management of Your Files and Digital Assets for Delivery Through the Web

Store and manage your more important files and digital assets for publishing through the web.

Manage online photo albums, fading billboards, podcasts, live streams, and more. One, easy-to-use, web-based interface. No FTP required.

  • File Storage: Upload, store, and organize your files and digital assets. Create folders to catalog your files and publish them through your website.
  • Photo Albums: Create, manage, and reorder photo albums and photos for use one your website.
  • Fading Billboards: Upload and manage slides for any number of fading billboards on your website. Dozens of slide transitions. Automatic HTML failover for iOS devices.
  • Media Feeds: Upload collections of audio and video files in order to generate a podcast feed or website playlist for online podcast players.
  • Live Streaming: Provision and install your own live streams for audio and video content. Customize your live countdown screen.
  • Media Players: Generate various types of media players, including full-featured Flash players as well as HTML and mobile friendly players.
  • Reports: Keep track of media access across all of your audio and video files.

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Complete Feature List of our Media Management Tools

Who needs FTP when you have a HTTP based upload, management, and customization tool like our File Manager. Take complete controls of your digital assets and deliver photos, downloads, and media with style.

  • Web-Based File Upload: No FTP application necessary. Just upload your files using any web browser (Flash plug-in required).
  • Unlimited File Storage: We leave it wide open for you to upload as many files under 1MB as you need to. 200 MB for larger files upgradable to 1GB.
  • Virtual Folder Organization: Create a folder structure for your files to keep them organized.
  • One-Folder URL References: All files are references using the '/images/' folder for easy access.
  • Publish Folders: Publish media from any folder by converting it into a Published Folder. Podcast and iTunes feed is automatically generated.
  • iTunes Compatible Folder Feeds: Add meta data for iTunes and submit your feed. Our system does the rest.
  • Dangerous File Filter: We protect you against dangerous file types that could create a problem for your website and data.
  • Unlimited Photo Albums: Create as many photo albums as you need.
  • Unlimited Photos: Upload photos directly to your new photo albums.
  • Customizable Album Display: Choose from multiple display settings and publish them to your website.
  • Drag and Drop Photo Reordering: Easily reorder photos within a photo album by clicking, dragging, and dropping.
  • Fading Billboard Management: Upload slides, reorder them, and manage their individual settings in seconds.
  • Unlimited Billboard Slides: Add as many slides as necessary to your fading billboards.
  • Slide Transitions & Effects: Control individual transitions and effects. Choose from over 20 of them.
  • Automatic HTML Failover for iOS: Fading billboards use a powerful Flash application, but failover to HTML when viewed on iOS devices.
  • Unlimited Media Feeds: Create audio and video feeds for use with podcasting, iTunes, or online players.
  • Podcasting & iTunes Compatible: Our feeds are valid RSS feeds with media attachments, making them perfect for podcasting and feeding to iTunes.
  • Feed and Episode Cover Art: Upload cover art for your channel and each individual episode.
  • Live Stream Management: Provision and manage live streams on the fly for use within one hour.
  • Live Stream Scheduling: Create one-time and recurring live events, forming a broadcast schedule for the countdown screen.
  • Customizable Countdown Display: Tailor your countdown to match your website. Customize fonts, text, and background images.
  • Monthly Usage Reports: Monitor your media usage and the popularity of published audio and video files.

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