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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

Define Your Organizational Structure and Allow Our Platform to Tailor Accordingly

In order for our platform to understand how to best serve your business or non-profit, it collects information about how you are structures and adapts to that structure.

We are also working on collaboration tools that will allow for your teams and committees to work together regardless of geographical boundaries and time constraints.

  • Locations: For organizations with multiple locations, our Organization Manager allows you to define all locations for use through our platform.
  • Boards & Committees: Define your boards and committees for use within the Relationship Manager and online collaboration tools.
  • Departments: Define departments for fast generation of department web pages and staff mapping.
  • Staff Members: Add your staff members for the creation of a company directory and to define them in our Relationship Manager.

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Complete Feature List of our Organization Management Tools

Mapping your data within our Organization Manager is the first step to tailoring our platform to best suite your needs. Experience of the power of a completely integrated and customized set of tools for business and non-profit use.

  • Unlimited Locations: Add your complete location details for the automatic generation of location directory.
  • Unlimited Boards & Committees: Map your board and committee members to the right teams for mass communication and collaboration.
  • Unlimited Departments: Automatically generate a department directory with individual department pages on your website.
  • Unlimited Staff Members: Automatically generate a staff directory for placement on your website.

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