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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

Quick, Easy Enterprise E-mail Account Management

Managing your organization's e-mail accounts, online calendars, and task lists shouldn't be rocket science.

We've created an e-mail management app that allows even the least technical of the group to manage your company or non-profit's services with ease.

  • User Accounts: Create, update, and remove e-mail accounts quickly and easily. Set forwarding and autoresponders all from one place.
  • E-mail Aliases: We provide unlimited e-mail aliases that forward e-mail to one or more recipients on or off your domain name.
  • Doman Aliases: Add additional domain names to your accounts to enable an e-mail account to make use of mispellings and other domain names.
  • Mailing Lists: Activate simply e-mail lists that require you only to send to an e-mail address which is forwarded to an entire list of recipients.

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Complete Feature List of our E-mail Management Tools

Just because NetMinistry provides enterprise-level e-mail services with shared calendars, task lists, file storage, and more doesn't mean we need to make it hard to manage. Experience the different when a company focuses on easy of operation and total flexibility.

  • Fast E-mail Account Creation: Just fill out a simple form and you can create an e-mail account in seconds.
  • Multiple Account Management: Manage your entire organization's e-mail infrastructure securely from one place.
  • Unlimited E-mail Aliases: Create as many e-mail aliases as you want. Reserve accounts for people and aliases for functions.
  • Multiple Recipient Aliases: Create aliases that forward e-mail to several recipients, whether on your domain or not.
  • Unlimited Domain Aliases: Add additional domains our servers can use to process incoming e-mail on your behalf.
  • Simple Mailing Lists (AKA Listserv): Create an manage e-mail addresses that, when sent to by a user, forward mail to an entire list.
  • Desktop, Mobile, and Webmail Access: Get to your e-mail, calendar, contacts, and task lists from any device.
  • SSL/TLS Encryption: We've made the security of your e-mail a top priority. Full encryption of e-mail transmission whenever possible.
  • POP/SMTP/IMAP: We've enabled all of the industry standard services for you to make complete use of our e-mail platform.
  • ActiveSync and XMPP Available: Are you looking for ActiveSync or XMPP (Jabber) services? Ask your representative about adding this to your account.

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