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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

Let Us Help Your Resource Data Make Sense to Website Visitors

Organize your general website information into an easy-to-access-and-understand format.

  • Link Directory: Instead of creating what looks like a disorganized list of random links, let us turn that into a mini search directory.

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Complete Feature List of our Resource Management Tools

Website visitors expect to see organized, simply information they can digest at a glance. Our Resource Manager tools allow us to do that for you. Just add your data and install.

  • Unlimited Link Folders: Categorize your links into searchable folders.
  • Unlimited Links: Now, add your links in their respective folders. We'll create a beautiful directory out of the data.
  • Automatic Meta Data Fetching: Just enter the URL and our system will try to find the title and summary to save you time, if possible.
  • Automatic Homepage Thumbnails: We also generate a thumbnail of the homepage of each link you enter.
  • Rating & Reviews: For better visual emphasis, add a rating and a review to your links of choice.
  • Links Open In New Window: When visitors click on your links, the websites will open up in a new window, leaving your website open behind it.

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