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Media Server

For those of you wanting to utilize audio or video files on your site, we have a solution. Your File Manager is capable of not only storing your favorite images and documents, but any audio or video files as well.

What is Media Hosting?

Media hosting provides you with the ability to upload audio and video files to your File Manager. This, in turn, allows you to display these media files on your site in a media player, publish a podcast with your media, or allows direct download of the media files. Without media hosting, it is not possible to upload audio or video files to your File Manager. Because media files take up much more disk space than other files, different media hosting packages are available that offer varying amounts of additional space in your File Manager. Once you have purchased a media server package of your choice you will be able upload your files to your {link#38,File Manager}.

After you purchase a media server package you will be able to manage and publish your media using the {link#94,Media Manager}.

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