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Real-time Shipping

Learn about how to setup a real-time shipping account with UPS or USPS for use with our e-commerce services.

Rate Information (Real-Time)

You can set your store to fetch realtime shipping rates by registering with USPS and UPS. You can then enter your login and password information in order for real-time rates to work. Otherwise, set your shipping to be calculated either by the pound, or by price of the order.

For USPS:  http://www.usps.com/webtools/
For UPShttp://www.ups.com/e_comm_access/gettools_index?loc=en_US

  • Username/ID:  Username or ID for your real-time shipping account with either UPS or USPS
  • Password:  Password for your real-time shipping account with either UPS or USPS
  • Price Adjustment:  Make small price adjustments (+ or -) to the real-time shipping rates
  • Developer Key:  If the real-time shipping rates require you to enter a developer key, add it here


You will need to send an email to icustomercare@usps.com once you receive your USPS Web Tools User ID to confirm that you are using the our platform for your online shopping cart. You will receive an email back confirming that your account is on their "live" server.

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