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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

Project Tracker Guide

Learn about the Project Tracker, our system for managing your web design, development, and marketing projects and why we use it.
As a client, it's important to learn how to use the Project Tracker for your ongoing projects. Learn step by step about how to properly communicate, approve, reject, and review projects as they are being worked on for you.
Find out exactly how to communicate with your project manager whenever you need to. It's super easy and convenient to do so right from within the Project Tracker.
Every Monday and Friday, you can expect reminder e-mails detailing anything we are waiting for from you, whether they are approvals or project requirements. Expect them and learn how to leverage them to move your project forward fast.
Sometimes, it's just necessary to schedule a live call with your project manager. Learn about the different valid reasons for doing so and how to best take action for the fastest response possible.
Occasionally, problems and real concerns to creep up. When you experience them, we want to know about it and help to solve those issues. Learn more about when it's time to panic and when a more reasonable approach works best.

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