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01. The Initial / Kickoff Call

This phone call allows our staff to synchronize with you and provide you with answers, explanations, and an overview of our process.

Once you purchase your services from us, we move immediately to fill your order. To provide you with a roadmap to follow through the process, we’ve put together this short description of what to expect next. This should help you to understand what happens next and what to expect from our team throughout the duration of your project.

  1. The Initial/Kickoff Call
  2. Submitting Requirements
  3. 1-5 Business Day Turnaround
  4. Your First Design Draft
  5. The Revision Process
  6. Rejections and Approvals
  7. Publishing Work
  8. When Things Change in the Middle
  9. Talking to someone
  10. Getting Help Moving Forward
  11. What Am I Being Billed For?
  12. Timelines & Expectations

If at any time you get lost in the process, contact us immediately by sending a message to your project manager through the Project Tracker.

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