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Service Credit Line

Clients who demonstrate a consistent commitment to on-time payments are granted a $500 credit line every six months up to $5,000! Payments terms are up to six months for all one-time design and development services,

Service Credit Line is a simple, zero-interest credit line extended to long-term clients. The intent of the line is to provide clients with a good payment history the opportunity to purchase products and services interest-free and in up to six installments.

Who qualifies: Existing clients who have had contact with the company for at least six months. Clients must have never been assessed a late fee nor can they have ever charged back a credit card or check draft.

Who does NOT qualify: Sales prospects nor clients with any chargebacks or late fees.

How credit limit is determined: Every six months from the time the client first contacted our company and was entered into the database, the client will receive a $500 increase up to $5,000.

What services can the credit line be used for: The credit line can be used for any and all one-time services. Server-side development services must be approved by management prior to commitment.

Start of Program: May 3, 2013

How are clients notified: Clients are notified by e-mail, starting on May 1, 2013 and every 6 month anniversary thereafter on the 1st of each month alerting them of any credit line increases. Credit lines will be issued retroactively, so clients older than 6 months old will automatically be given more than $500 of credit. Some will receive the full $5,000 credit line from the beginning.

Process: All sales go through your sales representative. Client must provide the social security number of the individual guaranteeing payment in order to use their credit line for any orders over $500.

Terms: The client qualifies for payment terms based on the total amount of the purchase. The payment terms determined using the following criteria:
  • <= $500: 2 Payments
  • > $500: 4 Payments
  • > $2,500: 6 Payments

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