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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

NetMinistry Celebrates 12 Years of Service

Since 2002, Christian web developer, Jose Gomez, has served churches, ministries, and Christian businesses through his service and technology, NetMinistry. Unlike the majority of website providers in the church technology market who provide website template libraries, NetMinistry has custom designed each one of the over 7,000 websites that have been created through this service and provides its clients with a complete content management (CMS), relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce suite. The platform is on its fifth version and is hosted in the company's own data center.

"We've always opposed the cookie-cutter approach to websites," said founder Jose Gomez. "From the beginning, we knew that it was in every organization's best interest to have a custom design and a full-featured platform that allowed them to manage content, relationships, and transactions. We've have always given our clients the best design work and one of the most robust platforms in the industry for the best price in the world."

Remarkably, NetMinistry uses an in-house production team that walks through each step of the design and development process with its clients for as little as $99. The company's creative director, Chez Boodparset, is an award-winning web designer with over 10 years of experience including several years as a professor for the International Academy of Design and Technology.

"We begin each website with an online work order, followed by a phone meeting to ensure that we understand our clients' goals,"commented Boodparset. "Once we have the information we need, our team goes to work creating each design from scratch and corresponding with our clients through an iterative process until we have an approval. Then, our team performs the PSD-to-HTML cutup, installation, and provisions of services for our client. It's a seamless process that other agencies charge thousands of dollars for."

But, according to Gomez, the average client of NetMinistry spends just $400 for a professionally designed website. A church, ministry, or Christian business can expect to pay just $34.95 for NetMinistry's entire enterprise-level platform, world-class hosting, unlimited pages, unlimited traffic, and unlimited support. Although the company provides such high-value services for such a low price, it is continues to be profitable, growing year after year.

"We aren't becoming super rich doing what we do. But, we are serving a community and culture that we believe can change the world. Playing a part in God's plan for them is enough to fuel our passion and help us to fulfill our purpose."

Your Website Is Not a Checklist Item

Many organizations put a website on the same checklist as a logo, letterhead and business cards. But, in reality, it is so much more important and shouldn't be entrusted to the same people.


NetMinistry vs WordPress

With tens of thousands of plug-ins and such and a wide community of users, you would think that any platform would find it difficult to compete with the WordPress craze. But, in reality, there are important key points that make NetMinistry a vastly superior choice to WordPress. Let's explore those points.


Who Should Manage a Church Website?

We see it all the time - teenagers, administrators, IT managers, and volunteers who are trying their hardest to manage the church website without much success. Are these failures the result of a lack of technology or are we just putting the wrong people in charge of the church's virtual front door? This is a must read for senior and executive pastors struggling with establishing the church's web presence.


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