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The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Church, ministry, and small business websites need to know the basics of search engine optimization. Explore the three core factors of SEO and how to get your church or business website to the top of the search engines, generating leads and traffic like never before.


The Difference Between a Template and Homepage Content

In the process of designing a website, part of our job is to educate clients on the difference between a website's template design and its homepage content area. It's understandable why - the two are closely intertwined when web design is done right. But, there is a distinction between these two parts of your website that is important to the scope of a project and how much money you will end up investing before your project is done.


Choosing a Church Website Designer

Choosing a church website designer can be a hard process. We've been in this industry for over 20 years consulting thousands of churches and ministries about their websites and technology needs. It seems that these days, anyone with a computer and a pirated version of Photoshop can pass themselves off as a website designer, even though they lack the basic skills necessary to help the church be successful.


The Dangers of Basement Hosting Services

One of the things that concern me about the web design and hosting industry is the games that vendors play with consumers. It's an extremely competitive market in one of the worst economies ever. Why make it worse by preying on small businesses and non-profits by offering unreliable service packed with needless perks for a pennies on the dollar simply to confuse and entice them into products and services that won't grow their initiatives?


Growing Your Website

Three steps for growing your website, upcoming calendar and event registration upgrade, and a reminder about some special services available to our clients.


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