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Fading Billboard

Fading Billboard

Get your message across in style with an animation fading billboard! Comes with the design of one banner, the ability for you to upload unlimited additional banners, link them to different pages, and even add an MP3 soundtrack!
$125.00 / One-Time

A Closer Look

Order the installation of a fading billboard and one banner. This service provides you with a fading billboard, usually for your homepage, that uses Adobe Flash to display a slideshow of banners. Our system automatically detects Apple iOS devices and switches to HTML 5 to allow the banners to display.
Our banner design service provides you with a professionally designed graphical banner for use on your website, usually within a fading billboard. All we need from you is the images and any wording you would like to use for the banner. Once received through our online work order, we'll create the banner and send it to you for approval.
Once you've approved your banner, we'll upload it to your website for all the world to see.
Please note that if this billboard is ordered as part of a website template design, the design of your first banner will be worked into your website template design project.
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