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Some of the Many Reasons Your Church Should Have a Website

1. To Establish Your On-line Presence

According to a recent survey dated March of 2011 by (internetworldstats.com) there is over 2,095,006,005 internet users in the world - and that number is expected to continue to grow!

More than ever before, people are turning to the internet as their source of information. When people are considering moving to a new area, they tend to turn to the Internet for research. This search could include everything from schools in their district to churches, area attractions, housing listings, jobs and more. If you are not listed on-line, you may be missing out on what your neighbors are benefiting from. Most people these days expect any professional entity to have a web site.

2. To Be a Resource

An on-line presence, allows you to share resources and information. People will want to know about you and what to expect by attending your services. Your existing members may turn to the website to learn of upcoming events, listen to sermons, interact with one another, learn of any event cancellations, and more.

3. To Interact with Members

The best church members are the ones who know you and know each other. Through your website, members can interact with one another through live chat, message boards, and other resources. Is it just me, or does it seem that in this day in age we don't even know our neighbors? You will see your community grow, by giving them another means (other than just days of service) to interact with one another. Your church can also keep them informed by sending out or posting their newsletters (which cuts back on marketing cost), have polls and surveys on the website, publishe a blog, or utilize other features that keep the members and possible new members coming back.

4. It's Affordable

Even a small church can afford to have a website. The cost of a website is oftentimes less than what the cost of a one-time print ad may be. The information on your website alone can save time in answering some of the most frequently asked questions you get on a day to day basis. It can also help to reduce some of the cost of your printed literature.

5. To Increases Your Church's Income

Many of us are doing everything on-line today - from paying our bills to chatting with friends. I use my credit card on the internet to contribute every month to my church and other causes I am involved in. I have even set some of them up up as a recurring payment so I don't even have to remember to sign in and manually contribute. Learn more about writing an effective donation page from our past blog. I am sure you will see the benefits.

When it comes to the ENDLESS possibilities of having a website for the church, I am more than happy to share more thoughts with you any time. You can reach me at 877-318-7994 Ext. 101.

I am looking forward to an opportunity to serve you.

Article written by Stacey Kelczewski

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