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Choosing the Right Topics to Blog About

If you've ever tried to write a blog, you know how hard it is to come up with a new topic every time your next blog post is due. It happens to everyone, even those of us that are writers by nature. Today's post is going to give you ideas on researching new topics and identifying which ones will get you the best SEO results, attracting more qualified traffic to your website over time.

Research Trends

Write about things people are interested in. One of my favorite ways to find topics like that is to use Google's Keyword Tool. Using this amazing tool, you can research your websites key phrases and find related phrases the people are searching for. You can then sort them by how many approximate searches they receive per month. Then, VOILA! You have a list of topics to last you quite a while.

Use Keywords and Key Phrases in Your Posts

It's not enough to just post an article about a subject that is popular. Find a topic that will be easy to use in the title, summary, and body of your post. For example, if you build "custom furniture", you'll find that the phrase "decorating ideas" is in the list of popular key phrases associated with your primary key phrase. A good blog post might be titled, "Decorating Ideas for Custom Furniture". If your audience is typically from a high-income household, you might write a blog post titled, "Decorating Ideas for Large Budgets".

For a ministry or non-profit, you might take a similar approach. If your organization feeds the homeless, you might find the key phrase "homeless shelters" as a popular key phrase. Writing a blog listing all of your local homeless shelters will provide a valuable service to your website visitors and make your website a resource for those looking for homeless shelters. While they're there, they can learn about your organization and why you provided the list.

Be Passionate and Informative

It's so much more fun to write a blog post than a high school essay! The reason for this is that we tend to blog about what we are passionate about, as opposed to deconstructing American literature. Take advantage of that and only write about subjects that you can be passionate about. Go on a tangent! Make a statement! Live on the edge! Take advantage of the forum that a blog gives you to provide a perspective that your readers will enjoy and identity with.

Writing a blog is not just about content. It's about the RIGHT content for your audience. Writing about the wrong topics can turn them away and even attract the wrong people to your website. But, writing about a timely, relevant, and targeted issue can draw thousands to your content and help you generate the growth you were looking for in your website traffic reports.

Your Website Is Not a Checklist Item

Many organizations put a website on the same checklist as a logo, letterhead and business cards. But, in reality, it is so much more important and shouldn't be entrusted to the same people.


NetMinistry vs WordPress

With tens of thousands of plug-ins and such and a wide community of users, you would think that any platform would find it difficult to compete with the WordPress craze. But, in reality, there are important key points that make NetMinistry a vastly superior choice to WordPress. Let's explore those points.


NetMinistry Celebrates 12 Years of Service

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