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NetMinistry Web Presence Platform

Over A Decade of Service To the Christian Community

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NetMinistry has a long history of serving churches, ministries, charities, other non-profits, and business around the globe. Our heart is to serve growing organizations while keeping costs low and quality at the highest standards possible.

NetMinistry began as an idea in 2001, while founder, Jose Gomez, was working as the Internet Director for the Christian Network in Clearwater, Florida. In July of that year, he left the comfort of his ministry job and launched out on his own to create regional social networks for churches and ministries under his company, 3nity Inc. Quickly realizing that the technology was before its time, he turned his focus to developing and expanding ChristianJobs.Com and in discovering a use for the social network under a new company called ChurchForce. Over time, ChristianJobs.Com would become the world's leading Christian career website and was purchased by Salem Communications in 2004. By this time, ChurchForce had converted the social networking concept into a content management platform for churches, ministries, and small businesses and called it the NetMinistry Web Presence Platform. It was the fastest growing service the the company offered and helped it to become one of the world's premier website providers for the Christian community.

Early Growth

By 2004, the then 3-year-old service NetMinistry was in full swing with several hundred clients and the company grew by leaps and bounds. Over the next 3 years, NetMinistry's client base grew exponentially, pushing the company into healthy, steady growth into 2008. That year, the company managing the clients of NetMinistry, would join forces with its IT vendor to create a new business that would offer software and networking services to the Christian community. For three years, the company experimented with various technologies and production methods, surviving the economic downturn and achieving record revenue numbers under Jose's leadership.

In 2011, NetMinistry became its own entity, pulling away from the then 3-year-old parent company in order to pursue its original mission, serving a smaller group of clients and expanding its services while providing more personal customer service. By 2012, the platform was replaced by Gomez Innovations' 3nity Platform for the first time in seven years and NetMinistry Web Presence Platform5 was released. It was also tightly integrating into the company's cloud services to better serve the growing technology needs of Christian organizations.

What Makes NetMinistry Different

"At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how many websites we build if we don't give our clients our best and most personal attention. We're not giving our clients cookie-cutter solutions, no matter how profitable that may be for us. It's not what's best for my clients." - Founder, Jose Gomez

NetMinistry has served thousands of organizations through its services, and stands as a testimony of God's grace and providence. It continues to demonstrate that a business can succeed without resorting to secular tactics and loss of integrity. We encourage others to following Biblical principles in business and always remember that following God is more important than any profits or level of worldy success.

We try every day to live by our core values. We search strive to make everything we do significant to the world in some way. We and our families sacrifice time, effort, and even profits for our clients benefit. We hold each staff member accountable for maintaining high levels of integrity regardless of what others do. Finally, we love what we do, and encourage each other to continue to have passion for the mission and vision of our unique company. We don't always get it right, but we work hard to reach those ideals as individuals and as a company.


We extend our special thanks to everyone who contributed in significant ways to the enduring legacy of NetMinistry: David Jahnke, Richard Kalil, Tony Alicea, Ivis Jimenez, Eric Gomez, Roy Taylor, Gedy Rivera, Christy Honea, Bryan Martin, and many others. We also dedicate our website to the memory of dear friend and early investor, Thomas Welch, for believing in the vision when no one else even understood what it was. We love and miss you, Tom.

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