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Are You Ready to Push Your Church's Web Presence Forward?

Over 90% of church visitors now say that they heard about the church they are visiting through the internet. As a growing church, your website serves as a place to cast your vision and help potential visitors understand how their families can plug in. We want to help you accomplish that goal and attract people to your church at the exact time they are looking.

But, there are a few obstacles for most churches that stop their web presence from having the impact it should.

#COG Most of the Time, Nobody In the Church Really Knows How to Build an Effective Website Presence

Small examples of the over 9,000 church and ministry sites we have build over a 15 year period.What we find is that most churches, although they have well-meaning people helping with the website, don't really have the expertise in-house to handle the various aspects of its presence on the internet. The results is:

  • Amateur websites
  • Almost no meaningful content
  • The wrong goals
  • Almost no measurable results

#COG So, the Church Website Is Redesigned... Over and Over Again.

Because, church websites are typically managed by volunteers and/or staff members, its typically redesigned every time there is turnover. Every new person says the person before them should have done it differently and that the church needs a different platform.

So, the cycle continues on and on. From vendor to vendor, the website never really grows and the church never sees its full potential.

#COG We've Reimagined The Church Webmaster

We asked ourselves one question:

What if a church could have a team member that would never leave or give up on growing the website for less than the cost of a minimum wage employee?

We restructured our services and sharpened our pencils and came up with our VIP services. Under this program, we would serve churches in the building, maintenance, updating, growing, and marketing their web presence all in one low monthly fee.

  • A full time employee who is knowledgeable about websites costs over $8-100k a year. That's too much money.
  • Let's back that employee down to minimum wage. $1218 a month is still too much.
  • Let's back them down to part time. $609 per month is still too much and now there's not enough time.
  • Let's add a team of people and make the team share $199 a month. Much better!

Welcome to our VIP program - an experienced swat team that has designed and launched over 9,000 websites since 2001, a website, free hosting, management, maintenance, updates, and marketing for $199/mo

We want to serve you next.

The Church Website Planning Guide you get for free just for inquiring#COG Free Download Just for Inquiring!

Just fill out our form here and we'll even send you our Church Website Planning Guide for free. It's the easiest way to begin planning your church website content while we design it for you.

You are free to keep this planning guide and use it no matter who builds your website. It's an excellent way for your ministerial team to rally around the specific points of planning your website and gathering the information and materials needed to do so.

There is never any obligation and we fiercly protect your personal information.

Also, feel free to call us now to get started at:

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"I can't tell you how great (and accommodating) you guys have been in this process. There have been other firms that we've explored but none as professional and personable as yours."

Pastor Sung

"Thank you so much for all that NetMinistry presents to ministries like mine - to be able to have a great website for spreading the gospel. What a delight to be with you!"

- Jean Warner Ministries

"I want to take a minute to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the incredibly competent way you do your work for the Lord."

- Randy Kilgore, MadetoMatter.Org

"Our church website is now live as of last Friday and I continue to be impressed with many of features in the CMS... "

- Renea Teaster

"Your excellent professional and inspired work has enabled our writing, design and photographic skills to grow and to be showcased in a manner which has gained attention all over the world..."

- Raylyn

"You do not know how much I appreciate your help today. You really went above and beyond. I know you worked past your regular workday on this and I really want to thank you."

- Lynda


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